This page provides information about money and financial issues women may need assistance with.  You can find more information by searching specific topics for your location or going to the MoneySmart website.

Money Minded Online is an easy way to learn more about managing money and it is free.

Money, Finance & Spending


Bankruptcy − The Consequences

Bankruptcy − Getting The Facts

Money Traps

Car Loans Tricks and Traps

Payday Lender Vs NILS


ANZ Saver Plus: Matched Savings Plan

Credit Reports

To find out more about a credit report and how you can get a free credit report.

Debt Collection

Debt Collectors


Women’s Money Tool Kit
Your Spending Diary

A Spending Diary is a tool to help:

  • Track spending
  • See where costs are occurring
  • Analyse spending
  • See opportunities for reducing costs
  • Make decisions about future spending and saving
  • Create a budget
Financial Problems
Financial Self-Help Tools
  • Banks
  • Utilities & Phone Companies
  • Tools & Resources
Financial Resources


Watch the Videos

Australian Shepherd  |  Border Collie

Train Your Money to Work for You

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